Mary Crabb



Tedi, the Windmill Loop Dog

As part of the November 2020 Studio Trials, with the theme of Looping and…the group was introduced to windmill knots by Hilary. I was so looking forward to learning this knot, but also having some time to physically ‘make’ it. The knot has a quality to it which I find particularly pleasing. The elements move […]

1.1 Cone Weaving Investigations

cone family

Our fifth, and final studio trails, were held at Ruthin Craft Centre and quickly followed four days of trials at Kew Gardens. The focus for Ruthin was Pattern & Colour. In preparation for the trials we had all been thinking about our own contributions. Stephanie had spent some time working with colourful plaited patterns templates […]

1.2 Cone Weaving Drawings

Following on from the initial Cone Weaving Investigations (see post) on day one of the the Ruthin Studio Trials, Ricardo and I were still engrossed by the various activities from the two days, and on a mission to make meaningful progress on drawing the geometric woven cone. It’s great how a problem starts to make […]

2.1 My First Woven Skew Cube

Following the weeks after our first group gathering for Forces in Translation, I have been working in my studio on skew cubes. My first woven skew cube was started with the group as one investigation during five days of experimentation, discussion and sharing. It came home unresolved. The initial investigation had involved working with six […]

2.2 From Woven Cube to Diagram

I’ve never considered drawing to be part of my practice, but more recently I’ve come to realise that I do like drawing. It is a tool I use more often than I think – especially when communicating a technique to students or making sense of something I’m making, and even when I’m tutoring maths. In […]