Mary Crabb



Maths is  part of my creative practice, both in the way I think and the way I make. For me education, maths and making are the three intertwined elements of what I do.

At school, I studied A levels in Maths, Further Maths and Art, before going to university for four years where I gained a B.Ed.(Hons). My course was in two parts, education (including theory and practice) and maths. I so enjoyed the maths element, especially as the course allowed for some level of creativity and exploration of maths in different contexts. I chose to learn about the maths in Islamic Art, aerial photography and Watts parallel motion, to name but a few.

I qualified as a Middle School Teacher (ages 7-12) with maths as a specialist subject. Teaching in primary schools for a number of years allowed me to work as a maths co-ordinator and specialist support maths teacher for children with special needs, both those with maths difficulties and including gifted and talented pupils.

Later whilst working as a museum education officer, I planned, resourced and delivered workshops with a maths theme and emphasis, as well as a maths trail for secondary pupils over a number of areas across the 36 acre site. During this time I provided workshops for the West Sussex Pupil Enrichment programme, I continued to do this after I had left the museum, offering maths and art themes.

The Forces in Translation project, starting in 2020, has enabled me to join a small team of basketmakers, mathematicians and anthropologists. We have been learning with each other to explore the connections and commonalities across all three disciplines. Although the funding for the project has now ended, we continue to meet together on a voluntary basis, to progress the work we have begun.


As part of my working week I tutor maths. I am primary trained but mostly work with pupils from KS2, 3 and 4, up to and including GCSE. 

Lessons are face to face and available to pupils in RH20 and surrounding areas. Occasionally I offer on-line lessons. I have tutored pupils from local primary schools, Steyning Grammar School, The Weald Community School, Billingshurst and Midhurst Rother College. Adult learners are also welcome, I have supported adults in preparation for specialist tests for career applications.

As part of my commitment to supporting learning in the best way I can, I have completed two training courses with The British Dyslexia Association on dyscalculia; Identifying Dyscalculia, Supporting Students with Dyscalculia.

I offer….

  • 1:1 lessons
  • thirty years of experience working with a range of ages, abilities and settings
  • qualified teacher
  • Enhanced DBS check
  • experience supporting learners with dyslexia and other needs
  • specific training in dyscalculia and maths difficulties 
  • a focus on increasing confidence and self esteem about maths and ‘doing’ maths
  • learning centred on the individual needs of each learner
  • creative solutions are encouraged, such as drawing to aid visualisation
  • for younger learners, we may sometimes play a game, or do some origami 
  • for GCSE learners, advice and training is given in exam technique
  • as the tutor/teacher it is my job to find another way to explain something, if the maths just isn’t making sense
  • encouragement is given to help make learning and understanding maths a positive experience
  • no question is too small or silly to ask!

For further information, or to start a conversation, please contact me through the contact page. Alternatively you can send a message through my Facebook page Mary Crabb Maths.


I have been a volunteer STEM Ambassador since December 2015. Roles have included volunteering at Amberley Museum within Learning.

I have offered my time to support learning on site, when possible with an emphasis on the STEM subjects; science, technology, engineering and maths. Work completed has included two self-led maths trails for KS1 and 2. This has been designed to support school groups on site. I have worked with members of staff, volunteers and the museum environment.