Mary Crabb


Textile Basketry – with stitching and loops

Textile Basketry – with stitching and loops

Friday 21 June 2024.

West Dean London, Dilke House, 1 Malet Street, London, WC1E 7JN.

Making a cross-over between basketry and textiles, this course offers an opportunity to sample looped stitches under tension on a frame and on fabric. Loops can be found in simple looping (or knotless netting) of basketry, in blanket stitch, needlelace and the half hitch knot.

The course will begin with working a simple stitch on a natural wooden frame, held together with wrapping. Simple looped stitches will be tensioned in rows across the frame until the space is filled. The stitches could be varied and the loops arranged to create different patterns, or could be worked randomly. Tensioning of the stitches will also vary the surface of the work.

This course is one of five individual courses with Mary Crabb during May and June, each exploring different textile and sculptural basketry techniques which may also be of interest.

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