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  • From a childhood spent making, I now make small woven non-functional decorative objects. Originally learning to make traditional willow baskets, an introduction to textile basketry and the suggestion to try some different materials took my making in a new direction. Working with fine flexible materials, I weave using adapted traditional basketry techniques.
    My favourite technique is twining. It requires the weaving of an active element around a passive warp. The weaving gives a smooth, slightly undulating surface. Although repetitive and time consuming, the placing of each weaver informs the final piece. 

    Inspiration comes from nature and the man-made environment. I have an interest in engineering and maths; both influence my making. Line, structure and form are all important to me, as is the quality of my finished work.
    I am currently developing my work, to combine my curiosity in the links between basketry and textiles, connect with an interest in heritage and use my hand skills to visualise mathematical thinking.

    A large portion of my practice is sharing what I do. With a background in primary teaching and museum education, I greatly enjoy running workshops and giving talks; sharing my enthusiasm for making and the passing on of skills. My aim is to introduce new audiences to basketry in the hope that they may find it as exciting as I do.

    I am a member of the Basketmakers’ Association and a Yeoman Member of The Worshipful Company of Basketmakers.