Mary Crabb


Skew Cube Research

Skew Cube Research

Skew cube research came out of some initial investigations at the first Forces in Translations studio trial held face to face, in March 2020, a couple of weeks before the first Covid-19 lockdown. As a result of lockdown, the loss of work and staying at home, I had time to invest in my own research. Some of this early research can be found on the Forces in Translation website, with copies here too.

Initially I researched just one skew cube, the 3,7 (also 7,3) skew of a 10×10 square. Time was spent processing the skew cube in different ways. All in an attempt to better understand it. I wove, stitched, drew diagrams, diarised, photographed and knitted.

Knitting a tube I  created a three-dimensional loop diagram. I applied and built on knowledge and experiences from the then online Forces in Translation studio trails to interpret the loops as knots, using Gauss knot notation to assist in construction.

This enquiry is ongoing. However my intention is to record my findings in a structured way for others to puzzle over and enjoy. Watch this space!