Mary Crabb



In Praise of Online

As the first anniversary of the Covid pandemic and lockdown one in England passes, I’ve been reflecting on the changes to my way of working in the past year. At the beginning of March 2020, just two weeks before we went into lockdown for the first time, I was meeting face to face with the […]


As we approach the middle of week 12 since lockdown started for Covid-19, I find I’m still checking the data being offered up every day of the numbers who are newly counted as having a positive Covid test, those in ITU and the many still losing their lives every day. For the first few weeks […]


As I take down my Christmas cards, I’m re-reading the messages inside. One is from a family friend, who has known me since I was a child. She has followed my progress, attended a workshop and recently my exhibition, Significant Figures: remembrance through making. “Our visit to your Exhibition in Chichester was memorable Mary – thank you […]

I WILL REMEMBER HIM at the Oxmarket Gallery


Following on from my last blog post, Making Time, the work has been taken down and the motifs from I Will Remember Him have now been returned to their flat boxes. The backing material rolled around a tube, packed in a bag. Significant Figures: remembrance through making at the Oxmarket Gallery has ended. I spent thirteen days in the […]


With less than a month before the opening of Significant Figures to go, I’m frantically drawing together all the loose ends, and making lists of what still needs to be done. It’s been a long journey, with the initial ideas being conceived in 2013. Early on, I mentioned the work I was doing at a […]