Mary Crabb


Small scale twined baskets

Small scale twined baskets

Saturday 17 February 2024.

Learn how to twine as you make one or two small-scale twined baskets. Woven with paper yarn in a variety of colours, incorporate a pattern and a simple border into your basket.

The course will focus on the technique of twining, making a connection with both basketry and textiles. Twining requires the weaving of an active element around a passive warp. The weaving is worked in the hands with the use of a few simple tools. Basics of joining in new threads, changing colours and weaving a simple pattern will be covered. You will work on one simple form.Woven in paper yarn, in a range of colours, the baskets offer some simple skills of weaving a bundled base, either concave to stand or convex to hang, and straight sides. The basket will be finished with a simple border. To make your basket individual, the colours can be varied and a simple pattern woven in.

West Dean College, West Dean, Chichester, West Sussex. PO18 0QZ.

For more information and booking, please visit the West Dean College short course website.