Mary Crabb


Explorations in Making: Techniques, Materials, Reinvention

Explorations in Making: Techniques, Materials, Reinvention

Monday 27 -Thursday 30 November 2023

An introductory course offering opportunities to sample a range of basic basketry and textile techniques with a focus on working with materials which could be repurposed.

A 4-day course exploring different techniques in basketry. Each day will on a different technique.

The course will make use of a broad range of materials; from rope and string, to fabric, thread, card and paper. In addition, we explore materials for upcycling.

Topics covered:

  • twining/weaving
  • plaiting/braiding
  • stitching/looping
  • wrapping/coiling.

Course outcomes:

  • Explore different materials for use in basketry
  • Develop skills in basic basketry techniques
  • Experiment with different materials
  • Use problem-solving to develop creative solutions
  • Consider the potential of materials for repurposing.


For more information and booking, please visit the West Dean College website, search in Short Courses refine search with ‘Mary Crabb’ under Tutor. 

KLC School of Design, Chelsea Harbour, SW10 0XF